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Ten Years

Hard as it may be to believe, it's now been ten years since Josh announced his Kickstarter project for Limit Theory in November of 2012.

While the project didn't turn out like any of us hoped it would, it's been enormous fun talking with Josh and many of you -- frequently in eye-glazing detail :D -- about the features this game might have.

Quite a few of us are still talking about this game, and how it might actually be made, over on the Limit Theory Redux channel on Discord. That's fun, too, but this message is to everyone who was inspired by Josh's vision for a space game where you could explore and fight and mine and trade in a busy galaxy, and who came to this website to talk about those dreams -- thanks for coming on this journey.

Re: Ten Years

Shame you guys use Discord, I never understood the appeal. Though to be fair, I'm not sure what I would use that would be better.

I recently found this YouTube channel that has a major focus on failed Kickstarter video games. I noticed many of them follow the same sort of beats.

Interesting watch: ... nel=KiraTV

Also notice this forum is getting about 1 post a month now. I expect it to disappear soon.
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Re: Ten Years

Wow, it's been a long time. Hey Flat, I have a question, I've been trying to compile the gitgub latest version of this game, and it all seems to work ok, up until I get to the command "python" The prompt takes the command, as far as I can tell, but nothing really seems to happen. I have all the requisite dl's, but I am not a coder, although I am somewhat familiar with the process. It all seems to work ok until I hit this point. I did a search on discord for your channel but drew a blank, otherwise I would have gone there, but to no avail. Anyway, I have no idea how often you stop by here, but a little help would be appreciated. I just want to compile what exists of the game to mess around with and see what it looked like, and if nothing else, just fly around gazing at space. Thanks for any help you may send my way. Man, i can't believe how many years have passed since I was last here.
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Re: Ten Years

Yikes -- can't believe I missed this post. Sorry for the delay, Poet!

Yes, we've got a Discord server where we're actively working on turning Josh's code into a playable game. I can send you a link, but that'll expire in 7 days, or you can search Discord (on its Web version; this isn't available in its mobile versions for some reason) using the "compass" icon for "Limit Theory Redux".

If none of this works, shoot me a DM and I'll find a way to hook you up. I'm not experienced at compiling the game, but there are people in our Discord who are -- and we've also got a full distributable if you just want to play the latest version without having to compile what's on GitHub.

We'll get you there!

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