Comme Il-Faut - Character AI

I'm not sure where to put this, exactly. A social AI architecture called Comme Il-Faut (CIF) was put together in 2012 at the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2012.

Since then, according to a Gamasutra story it's become the basis for an AI mod for Skyrim, in which NPCs are able to learn about the player character and other characters and adapt their behaviors towards these characters based on this knowledge.

So on the one hand, this seems like it might be of interest to the Procedural Reality team. Some links:

The architecture is described in the book Game AI Pro in Chapter 43, An Architecture for Character-Rich Social Simulation. (Apparently there are three of these Game AI Pro books out now; they look fantastic.)
The creator talks about the mod at Reddit: ... s/dl8lgax/

On the other hand, this tech is currently being showcased as a very interesting mod for Skyrim. (Although it's for original Skyrim only, and requires SKSE.)

That mod is in the Workshop at ... =751622677 and also at the Skyrim Nexus at .

I'd be interested in hearing anyone's experience with this mod, as well as whether the ideas in it might be of any use in Limit Theory.

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