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Asteroid Bases

A base or a colony that could be used as a defense zone, industrial factory, pirate hideout, naval facility, space station, colony, mine, storage facility, who knows maybe a giant slow ship. Ponder on the idea for the possibilities have no limit. Only usuable on truely massive asteroids at enormous expense for a.i. and player tycoon/industrialist/conqueror/space CEO`s. It may come to nothing and thats fine, I just want to jog some discussion. Maybe the mighty Josh will join in and share a thought. :P
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Re: Asteroid Bases

I think building a refinery/production complex inside a giant asteroid is ingenious. Mine the resources from the asteroid (but leave enough for the station to be stable...obviously). It saves you from having to go out and gather resources as much, and if you need extensions or more hangars and such, you can just cut more holes into the rock. Eventually over a long period of time, the asteroid may turn into a completely normal station, all the rock being mined away.

Re: Asteroid Bases

Hyperion wrote:
Cornflakes_91 wrote:watch the old videos, asteroid bases are already confirmed by them
It wouldn't hurt if he showed them some sweet sweet screen time lovin again though.
That's very true - I agree wholeheartedly.

Welcome to the forums, Honor17! Nice to have you here. :wave: Keep those suggestions coming.
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Re: Asteroid Bases

Cornflakes_91 wrote:i'd enjoy to turn any size of asteroid into something useful.

very small asteroids as sensor platforms,

bigger ones as gun platforms

medium sized ones as small hangar posts

large ones as bases / tradehubs

and really gigantic ones as industrial bases / shipyards / fleetbases
Small asteroids as ships? :o
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Re: Asteroid Bases

honor17 wrote:Could also maybe use them as a weapon if you can haul/launch itat enemy fleets.

A pebble, sped up (via gravity or other means) to a significant delta-V with a target, becomes a formidable weapon. As Heinlein had his characters put it in The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, "We will throw rocks at them."

Now imagine an asteroid-sized rock.

(Also imagine every other civilization ganging up to destroy you because you obliterated all life on an entire planet by throwing an asteroid at it.)

(We don't really know if such kinetic effects will be possible in Limit Theory. Fun to think about, though.)

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