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Re: Jumpdrives, Jumpgates and Wormholes

Never wanting to post anything that resembles a suggestion (it's a sort of unwritten rule for me), I will say that as long as jumpdrives, jumpgates, and wormholes form part of LT I'll be a happy backer. Hopefully, 2018 will provide some answers as to how impressive these important parts of the game will be. :)

Not forgetting the trade lanes/warp rails which I'm hoping will not be found wanting in their final implementation. :angel:

:shifty: It's that Freelancer thing again, don't you know. :mrgreen:

Re: Jumpdrives, Jumpgates and Wormholes

I wanted to post this somewhere, and this seemed the thread :)

This video shows the structure and behaviour of a "half" toroidal vortex intersecting with a plane (water surface). From a fluid dynamics perspective, it's interesting and cool to see. From a physics perspective, I can't help but shake the feeling that there is an analogy here that would work nicely for video game depiction of wormholes.

Just as a 2 dimensional being sees only part of the 3D intersection with 2D space, a 4D wormhole intersecting 3D space might manifest similarly to this 3D structure.

Also, the discussions regarding wormhole collapse, or charge, finds a nice visual reference in later portions of the clip where disturbances to the vortex flow begins a cascade that collapses the vortex ;)

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Re: Jumpdrives, Jumpgates and Wormholes

Ooh, that's cool. It sort of reminds me of this

When I saw this video, I immediately thought how cool would it be if Jumpgates or artificial wormholes were created by slamming 2 blasts of technobabble energy into each other.
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Re: Jumpdrives, Jumpgates and Wormholes

Totally, Hyperion! Those are great visuals too!

I always pictured the moment of those two rings colliding as an effect you could use for the people left behind after you the moment You activated your jumpdrive... Poof, you are gone and you leave this ring shaped shockwave of expanding plasma, perpendicular to your jump direction.

I can't wait for the kinds of math-based visuals Josh can come up with for this type of visual icing on the LT cake :)

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