Things the Players Probably Want to Remember

Just making a thread for things the players probably want to remember and not have to go through the thread looking for. Feel free to add your own additions!

First up on the list: Potential mission objectives!

Potential mission: Nektox System: 448 Hype from Men'ko Mokila
Men'ko Mokila wrote:"The first one will take you a bit into the Exclusion Zone," he begins, straightening up. "See, some clients of mine were setting up a private colony, or research base, over there. Fysar, mainly. They were handling most of it themselves, but they wanted to procure a rugged all-terrain vehicle for exploration and border patrol. Lovely piece of tech, too - artigrav systems, top of the line shielding, built-in 2G-rated jump thrusters, and a light cannon turret... just in case. That's in the Nektox system."
Men'ko Mokila wrote:"It's an untouched, uninhabited world. No dangerous fauna, either. I do, however, want you to teach them a lesson they won't soon forget: 'You don't steal from Mokila.' You know... rough them up a bit. Make them regret it, but don't destroy them outright. It's all legal - it was part of the contract when they signed it." He gives an amused, in-joke sort of smile.
Brom's Research wrote:The planet is apparently called "Eatlan". It's about 1.2 AU from its star (standard for a garden world), possesses plant life and a breathable atmosphere, and Gs are in an acceptable range (1.38Gs). The temperature's a bit warm and tropical, and it's apparently very jungle-y, but not much else is noteworthy. There is, however, a second garden world in the system - one that is curiously absent from most records - one called "Firized". Brom can't find much about it at all, other than the fact that a small pirate fleet vanished over it roughly 54 years ago, in 3098. No traces were ever found.

Potential mission: Opalius, Aphenar System: 400 Hype from Men'ko Mokila
Men'ko Mokila wrote:"A little 'evacuation mission' for a small Azquad colony down on Opalius, in the Aphenar system. From what they said, they have these big flying bugs that keep breaking into their facilities and venting them. They can't keep up anymore, and they wanted me to find a way to get them offworld in a hurry. Offered a surprisingly good payment for it, too."
Men'ko Mokila wrote:"As to the evacuation, all they want you to do is protect the landing pad and the path there from the base. You should be able to handle it - after all, you escaped the surface of Nanyej, so the Nemesis clearly has some ability to handle high-G environments. You actually might be better suited for it than anyone else I have on hand."
Brom's Research wrote:Opalius is, supposedly, a "garden planet", but only by the most technical definitions. The surface gravity is an insane 1.82Gs - a bit uncomfortable even for humans - and the average surface temperature is a scorching 133 F (55 C), with a peak recorded temperature of a mindblowing 214 F (101 C). That's... a bit wild. Yeah, the azquad are notably acclimated to both high gravity and hot temperatures, so it kind of makes sense for them, but honestly, that's kind of pushing it. A planet hot enough to boil rain? That's pretty insane. Certainly explains why most of the lakes are near the poles.

The known flora are various bug species, and a race of semi-intelligent aliens that azquads have called skizza, which seem to be what are attacking their colony, which is located nestled in a high-altitude mountain range. The skizzas themselves seem to be formidable foes that adapted to the planet's harsh environment - and a harsh tribal (and cannibalistic) existence. Food is clearly scarce, and they seem to largely feed on... well, each other, as well as "plants" that happen to grow near lava vents, that are, again, plants "only by the most technical definition". Opalius seems to have a knack for coming up with things that require you to append that phrase to things. Ballistic weaponry and melee combat seems to be the best bet for fighting skizzas, although plasma seems to work as well. Lasers seem to be mostly ineffective.

As to the colony itself, there is relatively little info. Brom can find the population count (roughly 3000), and the date of its founding (3139, 13 years ago), but that's about it. They must be making money somehow, but that info isn't available.

Buck's Internet Job Search
Buck's searching wrote:Along the way, Buck uncovered a lot of other interesting information. Seems there's a local war going on between hiltorel and daxx, for one. Some other planet nearby is struggling with its bio-AI core controlling its systems. Tensions also appear to be rising between local gorvans, azquads, and krolum, with azquads taking the lead. Speaking of azquads, there's actually a volcanic planet in a nearby system that they're trying to evacuate of their people. Closer to home, the station orbiting one of the gas giants in the Nanyej system has shut down operation for "unknown reasons", and are seeking an "extermination crew". Further away, even stranger things are happening - abandoned colonies, mysterious disappearances, distress calls from ships that supposedly disappeared thousands of years ago. It's hard to tell how much of it is reality and how much of it is fiction... mostly because all of it sounds like fiction to begin with. But it's a good place to start, at least.
  • Local war going on between hiltorel and daxx: Neighboring star cluster
  • Some other planet nearby is struggling with its bio-AI core controlling its systems: Voella in the Kalaid system
  • Speaking of azquads, there's actually a volcanic planet in a nearby system that they're trying to evacuate of their people: Opalius in the Aphenar system
  • Closer to home, the station orbiting one of the gas giants in the Nanyej system has shut down operation for "unknown reasons", and are seeking an "extermination crew": Saloto Mining Station in the Nanyej system
  • Abandoned colonies: Eatlan in the Nektox system
  • Mysterious disappearances: You're lacking info
  • Distress calls from ships that supposedly disappeared thousands of years ago: Lacking info

Potential Work from Big Daneelo
Almina Dheda wrote:Almina Dheda waves at her soldiers to follow, and starts to leave. She calls over her shoulder, "Big Daneelo will be in touch, Saoirse and Caleb! He said he may have further work for you in the future. Stuff that will actually pay!" As she backs out, she gives four thumbs-up signs and a happy grin.

Lost Contract with Etch "Squigg" Squiligan
"Yeah, so here it is. You got a good ship, right? Ought to be able to make the jump to Irihi? Not that far away, only say..." He purses his lips for a moment. "... I reckon about two, three light years away? Like hoppin' over a puddle. At any rate, world's name is Cyburiopa. Doubt you've heard of it, not being around these parts long. Garden world - lovely place, I'm told, but lately we're getting less in the way of visitors from those parts. There are rumors why, yeah," he admits, "but my typical blokes won't head over there." He rips a piece of meat from a slab and starts chewing. "Too superstitious. An' that's where you fine fellows come in. You interested or nah?"
  "We're interested, or we wouldn't be here," Buck points out. "Ya gotta be more detailed, though, so we have an idea what we're up against. What kind o' rumors have you been gettin'?"
  "Doesn't matter," Squigg says, waving his hand as though to brush the question away. "I'll tell you what's important. You're better than those lowlifes, yeah? Can get a job done?"
  "Maybe. What kind of job would that be you'd be asking of us?" Yuuji queries cautiously. "Explosions and gore, yay or nay?"
  Squigg chuckles and grins, pointing at Yuuji as if he'd just cracked a joke. "You, you're my type o' man, that. No explosions, might be a bit o' gore. There's always shooting. But I figure you lads can handle a bit of that, can't you?"
  Brom nods with a clear air of superiority. "With a team like mine, that which you're asking for will be of no issue. So, let's get down to business! What does this job entail? So that we may prepare accordingly? Additionally, how much in the way of payment are we talking?"
  "Three-ninety-nine hi-plat," Squigg says in a lower voice, watching the faces of those at the table cautiously, as though trying to read their thoughts. "Not a chip more or less. Just need you to fetch some parts for me got left behind. Parts may be guarded, of a sort. Folks may not want you taking 'em. Don't want you catching the eye of anyone neither, so you go easy on the explosions," he says specifically to Yuuji. "You fellas sure you can handle that?"
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