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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Just wanted to give a bit of an update - I'm indeed making progress towards getting everything caught up. I've finished everything Patreon-related for all of September (2500 words to the wiki, two lore posts, one behind-the-scenes post) and I'm getting the 2500 words done for October now too. The other Patreon posts are mostly written out and won't take long to post up. In brief - it won't be long before the next REKT post will come out.

Patreon posts for September were about the AI War (the one that made humans stop using true AI tech) and the making of maps. October posts will be about galactic slavery and the state of Earth's ecosystem/what animals survived the Holocene Extinction. Haven't decided what the backstage post will be about just yet. I currently have 1500 wiki words down, and I think the rest will be about New Earth, seeing as I just finished the map of New Earth (which will be exclusive to Patreon backers for a month or two).
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

I'm going to give up on catching up with the Patreon updates (for now!) and just try to get back on REKT proper - I think you'd all prefer to see more legit REKT updates anyway. :P For the past week or so I've been a lot more AFK than usual since the move because my gf's mom has been really sick and in the hospital a lot, but that should clear up soon, and then it's REKT time :)
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

  It's been two months since I really did much with REKT proper, owing almost entirely to the chaos surrounding (and following) my move to Ohio. I apologize for that, but it's really been out of my control. However, I realize that people may need or want a refresher after two months of no activity. With that in mind, I'm going to start this post off with a recap of everything that's come before this, just to make sure everyone's feeling fresh and up-to-date. I'll start at the beginning, and we can work our way up from there.

Prior to the Campaign's Beginning
  Roughly five days ago, the Nemesis entered orbit of Nanyej under Captain Machellan. The reason behind this had been kept from the vast majority of the crew owing to the fact that there was a known mole onboard, and this was a secret assignment. Unfortunately, someone seemed to find out anyway: as soon as the Nemesis dropped out of warp, a fleet of Outer World League (OWL) (anti-human aliens) ships did the same and opened fire, coinciding with the Nemesis's shields dropping in a way suspiciously suggestive of sabotage. The majority of the standing REKT squadrons onboard were scrambled and launched at great haste, but to little avail.
  With Captain Machellan dead, SCAMPS took command and ordered an emergency atmospheric entry to escape their foes - something that the Nemesis (a battlecarrier) was never designed to do. It suffered extensive damage through this ordeal - including losing its starboard nacelle - but remained operational.
  About a day after the crash landing, a number of cryopods were discovered in the port nacelle during a manual search for supplies (usually drones handle all of that, but the damage left them only marginally functional). It's an interesting and noteworthy development for two reasons: first, there was no record of the cryopods ever being there, and, more importantly, cryotechnology doesn't exist yet in the REKT universe. (In fact, it was determined to be "impossible" due to problems with freezing the human body.) After realizing that the inmates in the tubes had their brains hooked up to computers and were running through endless VR simulations, SCAMPS decided to pull them out of cryostasis to join the rest of the crew, hoping they'd prove themselves to be useful assets - mainly to help revive ship morale, although he kept this to himself.

Mission One
  After rudely awakening a dozen or so inmates from cryo, SCAMPS gave them a mission: first, to retrieve stellaplex (a gravitic Anomalous Material) from the nearby hiltorel colony of Huhoba Qitsit so that the Nemesis could reach orbit, and second, to fly to the starboard nacelle and rig it so that the Nemesis would be able to pick it up. The team split into two main groups to accomplish the objectives, while the surviving REKT veterans attempted to defend the Nemesis's crash site and distract hiltorel security forces. Despite a number of casualties, the mission was a complete success. Just after the surviving inmates made it back, the Nemesis took off, narrowly escaping the encroaching military forces.
  SCAMPS revealed post-mission that the stellaplex retrieval was a clever tactic designed to recoup the then-shattered morale of the crew, and that he had talked up the cryo-inmates and their abilities to everyone as part of it. The stellaplex would still be useful, but only as something to sell on the black market when the Nemesis reached the nearby Fuhodo Station. He was hoping to find parts for the warp engine so they could get the hell out of Dodge.

Prior to Mission Two
  During the Nemesis's flight to Fuhodo Station, the ship was intercepted by the Hy'sak Viscari, a large and powerful fysarian pirate ship. After a brief skirmished designed to scare the Nemesis into compliance, Acting Captain Havor Maluk negotiated an arrangement that would allegedly involve the Nemesis turning pirate. They escorted the Nemesis to Fuhodo Station - a useful thing, given that almost everyone on Fuhodo Station hated the Nemesis for what they did to the colony down on Nanyej. You see, the station depended on trade with Nanyej as part of its economy, and when the REKT crew tore things up, they painted a target on their heads.
  After the Nemesis docked, SCAMPS sent out the veteran REKT crews to trade Huhoba's stellaplex and acquire goods that could be used to repair the ship. He also sent a few more cryo-inmates along as well, just to see how they would fare. Unfortunately, the group ran into some trouble on the station - a firefight broke out and most of the cryo-inmates were either killed or separated from the veterans, whose status remains unknown. Because of this event, SCAMPS decided that he needed fresh faces to send in, and although he didn't like it, that meant the original cryo-inmates from Mission One.
  SCAMPS calls the cryo-inmates in and explains the situation. He tasks them with a fairly simple job: Find leads for jobs. That's their entire mission. It seems considerably less dangerous than the previous mission. SCAMPS does give an extra requirement, though: they must remain undercover for the duration. This means they can't use the front door. SCAMPS puts them up on the roof of the Nemesis through the elevator that used to go to the (now destroyed) main bridge, and lets them take a couple private shuttles over.

Fuhodo Politics and Major Players
  There are five major factions on Fuhodo.
  • The Fuhodo Mercenary Union (FMU), itself an offshoot/branch of OWL. They mostly hang around the Merc Tower and Hangar when they can.
  • Hsilkorian Rebirth. Part of a much hiltorellian larger movement to re-establish their species in the galaxy by making friends with the humans. They don't get along well with OWL.
  • Big Daneelo and his group. Big Daneelo is an old plodus who has worked for centuries to maintain peace on Fuhodo Station, and he cares little about HR or FMU. He's actually allied more with the Merchant's Guild than anything else, though more by coincidence than intent. He's something of a mob boss and has no problem with putting people down if they get in his way. He also seems extraordinarily wealthy.
  • The Merchant's Guild (one name of many). A fairly big faction that bases its operations in Fuhodo's docks and downtown areas. They're closely allied with HR, but maintain relations with FMU so that the FMU can provide them with security from pirates.
  • The gangs that roam the darker, aging areas of the station. These usually align with FMU rather than HR (or, at the very least, dislike HR), and rarely align with each other.

  Other minor characters are:
  • Etch "Squigg" Squiligan, a "businessman" (thief/smuggler) who sides mainly with the gangs on the station and cares little for the traders or HR. He's friendly with FMU and can often be found in the Merc Tower.
  • Men'ko Mokila, an illegal supplies broker and loan shark of sorts. He has a restaurant downtown called Men'ko's Mimosas, which is a front for his operation. He's very highly unfriendly with Squigg, and the two have screwed each other over many times.
  • Hosef'Wa, a weapons dealer and manufacturer in the Markets. He's friendly with FMU and supplies them with weaponry, while hating HR. However, he grudgingly owed Big Daneelo a favor, which he says he no longer does.
  • Mebasha, an Aah'kroah pirate/smuggler/drug dealer/whatever he needs to be. He's currently hunting at least one member of the REKT crew, planning on silencing them. He murdered one of them already (Ishmael).
  • Almina Dheda, the hiltorel "niece" of Big Daneelo. A peppy girl that likes to be by herself sometimes. Older plodii who never married or had few children often adopt new (younger) family members from other species - which, conveniently, hiltorel also do (adopting parents) when trying to integrate with galactic society. (Hiltorel do not naturally have "parents" as we know them).
  • Febivo "Feb" Keshor, a fysar and the true leader of the Minas Maniri, a gang in the Old Palaces with whom Mebasha, Squigg, and Men'ko are all friendly.
  • Kinorvan, another fysar. Claims to be the leader of the Minas Maniri and has been slowly working (successfully thus far) to usurp Feb Keshor without it coming to blows.
  • Kaquyu Adopan, a high-ranking member of the Hsilkorian Rebirth. Adjutant to 'Queen' Edibetso's third prime. Captured, apparently by the Minas Maniri, very recently.

  The politics on Fuhodo Station are very complicated. While the Merchants mostly mind their own business, FMU and Rebirth are always at each others' throats. The hiltorellian presence actually lowers crime in the sector by virtue of their own patrols, which means fewer jobs for the FMU. More importantly, perhaps, they have opposing goals and ideals: Rebirth wants to be friends with humans, while the FMU (or, really, OWL) wants to wipe them all out. The civilians onboard the station are very divided as to who they stand with, and if one tried to out the other, it would immediately start a civil war that nobody would win - unless one side or the other managed to turn enough of them over. One thing unites them, however: their hatred of the Nemesis and her crew for what they did to Huhoba Qitsit. It created a ripple effect that will severely hurt each of them, and by extension, the station as a whole. They both realize this, and more importantly: whoever captures the REKT crew on the station first will surely win over enough civilians to turn the tide of the civil war on the horizon.
  Naturally, everyone wants to capture the REKT crew first - dead or alive. One inmate is fine, but the more they capture, the happier they'll be.

Mission Two
  Due to some interesting circumstances, the REKT crew split into four groups:
  • Vynkor and Sukava
  • Saoirse, Caleb, Bob, and Frank
  • Brom, Buck, and Gene
  • Ishmael by himself

  Vynkor and Sukava made their way to the Markets by hopping along the outside of the station. Brom, Buck, and Gene made their way to the Merc Tower (giving a description of Frank to a scared civilian along the way). Ishmael made his way to the Merc tower as well, but in a more ballistic manner. During all this, Saoirse, Caleb, Bob, and Frank were the only team that actually did what they were supposed to and were friendly to their shuttle pilot, so he dropped them off at the downtown area.
  Things began to get rough immediately. Saoirse's squad blows their cover almost immediately, acting extremely suspicious while Saoirse was trying to get a message to her family. Bob splits off the group and is murdered elsewhere while screaming his innocence (he's greatly missed), while a half dozen killsquads chase the others deep into the station. Meanwhile, Gene gets himself lost and is never seen again, while Brom and Buck end up meeting Ishmael in a bar called The Last Ponderance. Squigg also showed up; he had been tracking Brom and Ishmael since they were at the docks and wanted to make a deal, toting along a new REKT inmate: Yuuji. The deal goes south when Buck and Brom can't behave themselves, and Squigg tasks them with a fetch quest to his "friend" (rather, long-time rival) Men'ko Mokila - a batman gambit intended to remove both Men'ko and the "problem" with the inmates in one go. Buck and Brom fall for it, but Yuuji doesn't want to have anything to do with them and attempts to leave with Ishmael.
  Ishmael and Yuuji make an attempt to exit the bar, but run into Mebasha, a fairly intimidating fellow that initiates a firefight with a band of similiar no-gooders right outside. Ishmael and Yuuji are caught in the middle and escape back into the bar, but not before Mebasha gets a good look at them and decides he wants their blood (they overheard too much about his plans). Back in the bar, Brom and Buck recruits Yuuji for their mission, while Ishmael lingers behind. When Ishmael leaves, Mebasha is waiting for him and kills him in the goddamn face. RIP, pasta buddy.
  Elsewhere, Vynkor and Sukava, stealthy as ever, blends in splendidly by murdering the absolute fukc out of an unarmed, unaware dockworker. After briefly wandering the markets, they head down to the Old Palaces, thinking they'll find work. They're absolutely wrong. Without a translator or any idea of who to talk to, they encounter a night watchman who quickly becomes tired of putting up with their bullshit (which includes being shot at) and calls in the cavalry. The cavalry, a gang of (mostly) fysar, knocks them out and takes them in for "interrogation" (aka torture for information). They're taken to a tiny jail cell where they meet a young hiltorel lady who calls herself "Mofaet" and seems to be constantly on the verge of passing out - a little taste of what is to come.
  Meanwhile, Caleb's gang manages to evade their pursuers with the help of Almina Dheda, a hiltorel girl who says she's the niece of a certain "Big Daneelo". After finding out that they're from the Nemesis, she insists that they follow her to her uncle's place. Everyone is somewhat on edge about the idea of meeting up with someone who seems to be a mob boss, but Big Daneelo turns out to be a pretty chill dude. He explains the situation to them, and then offers them a "job": to rescue Kaquyu Adopan (aka Mofaet!) from a fysar gang called the Minas Maniri. They're going to do this by posing as FMU, but in order to make things go more smoothly, Big Daneelo suggests they stop by an old "friend" of his and ask for a favor he's owed them forever: Hosef'Wa. He also introduces a new team member: Nilo "Polaris" Arcterius.
  Buck, Brom, and Yuuji make their way to "Men'ko's Mimosas", a little eatery downtown that seems to have closed for the night. They meet Men'ko himself, and after a tense standoff, realize that Squigg set them up, and decide to join Men'ko's side so they can take one or more jobs he's offering. Unfortunately, Squigg's batman gambit comes to fruition here as FMU storm the building, and Men'ko sends the trio out a back way, to take shelter with some of his old friends... the Minas Maniri. You can see where this is going.

  Saoirse, Caleb, Frank, and Nilo (with undercover names) make their way to the markets, meet Maki (a fysar boy) who takes them to his shevar/grandfather, who owns a shop. They buy stuff and stop by Hosef'Wa, who gives them a mechanical spiderbot to barter with that's pretty damn awesome (if I say so myself). Then they're off to find the Minas Maniri.
  Brom and Buck have already found Minas Maniri, though, and met someone named Feb Keshor. Feb told them to sit tight and wait for the FMU to stop looking for them.
  Sukava and Vynkor have been tortured for a while at the hands of an asshole, which Vynkor is now sporting on her arm. Tortureguy departs with the information he's managed to glean, and gloats about how the station is going to fire up the defense cannons so the Nemesis can't leave. Then, Vynk and Suki murder a helpful gang member coming to patch Vynkie up, and make their "escape".
  Conveniently, at the same time, S/C/F/N arrive and are greeted by Kinorvan, who claims to be the One True Leader of the Minas Maniri (haha nope, he's lying, but he thinks he's going to be). He greedily tries to hand over the prisoner Kaquyu Adopan (aka Mofaet!) in exchange for the spiderbot, which is exactly where everything comes to a head as all three groups end up in the same room.

  Feb asks Kinorvan what the hell's going on, Kinorvan responds by saying he ought to be the One True Leader, Feb points out that Kinorvan's an idiot, Kinorvan seethes and says Feb's outdated, everything's divided about roughly down the middle and that's when Feb realizes that Squad Beta isn't actually from FMU. Everybody's weapons are out, and it's an intense showdown. Things are about to get wild.
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