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Re: Taking on bigger groups with my small fleet of 5! [Video

Just to mention it: This is an awesome video. Not that the other videos are bad, but it truly shows the potential. Also, the user interface and how you can check your gangs status is amazingly well done. Last but not least, the voiceover is just the cherry on top. :-)

I hope you do more videos as the beta comes along, looking forward to seeing more.
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Re: Taking on bigger groups with my small fleet of 5! [Video

JoshParnell wrote:Great stuff, thanks for upping! Your fighters/bombers must have some serious weapons on them to be crushing frigates that quickly :shock:
Not surprising, really.
A fighter has 6 hardpoints and you can mount 6 frigate class weapons... =)

"12. Equipped subsystems should take away from cargo capacity"
is an okay temporary measure to make the prototype somewhat balanced but it may lead to fighters equipping only 1 super gun because it has the most efficient dps/cargo rate.

For the long haul, the hardpoints themselves need some kind of limit to what "fits", completely independent of cargo space.
You could even have fighters with tiny cargo holds that couldn't even carry one weapon. The weapons are installed directly to the hardpoints...
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