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Working in a dream

My dream right now is to get myself into a frigate, with two destroyers at my side and two wings of 4 fighters each then go charging head long into a major conflict mission! I was up to 2 destroyers and 5 or 6 fighters but then my AI controlled destroyer decided it didn't want to dock in the conventional way and is now sitting imbedded in the asteroid base...however I have not given up hope! I will continue on my journey and will keep ya all posted ;)

Re: Working in a dream

Finally got my Frigate tonight! Currently at 1 frigate, 2 destroyers and 2 fighters. I had 3 fighters but had an instance where one of my destroyers wanted to see what happens when it flies through a fighter...kind of like a bug and a windshield...I have a picture of my very small fleet but am still working on the whole "getting pictures onto the forum" thing...

Re: Working in a dream

Well guess it's going to take a bit longer to reach my goal...I was under the impression that if I started a new game in a different location it would save it as a different game...instead it saved over my other game so now i'm starting from scratch :(

I was up to my two destroyers, a frigate and four fighters.

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