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Re: Progress on Beta?

After reading and thinking about the trials and tribulations of the RTB process I decided to fire up the Limit Theory Prototype to remind me why I continue to have faith in Josh Parnell's ability to deliver a playable and interesting game.

Yes, it is very limited as far as gameplay is concerned and it's nowhere near as stunning as the latest development videos show a much more advanced LT to be... but it is most assuredly a game. :D

If you need any positive encouragement in the work you are undertaking at this moment, Josh, I urge you to think back and remember the agonies of self doubt you had at the time of release of this little gem. It proved to be a winner in its own limited way. It provided those who were fortunate enough to play it with hours of entertainment. :)

I know you have a deep capacity for anxiety and tension and you are always striving to give of your very best. Whatever the outcome of your struggles know that you have a Community here who are prepared to give you all the support you need.

This appears to be the only way I can reach you for the moment, young gifted one, but please bear in mind that some of us have continued to encourage you for a considerable time now and to reward us with absolute silence is close to insulting. I always said you gave too much away to the backers and more especially the general forumites in both precious time and information but shutting the Community out is extreme.

Please reconsider this decision. :angel:

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