Indie studio wants to hire Josh to finish Limit Theory!

(This is the letter we're sending Josh on every channel we can find to make contact with him. We don't have a personal email address for him at this time. Posting it here for maximum visibility.)

Hi Josh!

My name is Jon Madden and I've been following Limit Theory since just after the Kickstarter ended. I unfortunately lost track of you for the past two years so I missed your exhaustion announcement in Sept 2018.

I'm the lead developer at a small, privately owned, financially well-backed indie studio that's just starting up: Arcane Ermine, and we want to see Limit Theory get finished and released.

We want to hire you to finish Limit Theory as a full-time paid employee of Arcane Ermine at a comfortable rate of compensation.

In following your updates, I understand how important LT is to you, how important it is that your vision is not impeded by an employer or publisher, that anyone who would help work within your code is capable of maintaining your standards of excellence, and that they understand your vision.

We hope, and I especially hope, you are willing to pick up LT and resume work with our support. We believe it would be a tragedy if your idea which you’ve worked so hard on for so long never sees the light of day.

Please contact me as soon as is convenient if you are interested in this proposal.

All the best,
Jon Madden
Lead Programmer
Arcane Ermine LLC

PS: I’m not sure exactly how to reach you, since it seems you’ve taken a hard break from LT and haven’t posted on the LT forums, Reddit, or your YouTube page, so I’m going to send this message via every method I can think of and hope to reach you.

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