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Re: Just found out about Limit Theory

Well a warm welcome to both of you :)

Yep, expected to be coming out sometime in the next three hours or so! Just let me....finish the ai and interface and gameplay and lod sim and user manual and distribution contract and...

Ok, maybe give me four hours, now that I think of it :lol: :D
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Re: Just found out about Limit Theory

I'm there with ya Tempered!

Hi, I'm TONES :wave:

I discovered Limit Theory today from TheXPGamers new video, Top 10 Upcoming Space Sims. After hearing that Limit Theory was number 1 on the technical side (officially #4), I went over to LT's Youtube channel. And sat there for 4+ hours and watched every video posted. I am just amazed at all the work Josh (and Andy) has done on a daily basis for 10+ months! Just mind boggling!! :thumbup:
I also lament the fact that I can't currently support/back this game. As I would have loved to have been able to. Guess I'll have to wait to buy it :)

I can't, repeat, can't wait to see how this game continues in its development and its final stage. Josh, you have a new fan and future customer!! :D

(sorry for the small "rant" but I am just plain very excited for LT!)Hey Josh, just missed posting this before you posted :S

Re: Just found out about Limit Theory

Grumblesaur wrote:Why do all of your names start with T? Are you all secretly spambots? :?
Well, just to keep this rolling, I guess now is the perfect time to create an account here. Josh may or may not remember this handle from a comment I left on his latest dev video. I discovered Limit Theory a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty blown away by it all. I've been lurking on this forum since.

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