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LT Soundtrack (Release)

Hi everyone,

I was looking at my music files the other day and got back into Limit Theory.
Like most of you, I was quite sad that LT did not receive the release it deserved.
Being in the front row with Josh, it was amazing to see him creating this world with his ingeniously skilled mind!

So it was doubly hard to watch him hit this wall alone, considering the immense potential this game had and the passion he put into it.
I know he was crushed by the decision to end it. I've tried a couple of times to get in touch with him over the years, but unfortunately, I don't know how he is doing.

I was waiting for him to release some of the game soundtrack dev tracks, but since I cannot get in touch with him I decided to package it and post it here: ... rdbny&dl=0

Keep in mind these were all tracks in progress and more of a Suite of ideas than fully-fledged tracks.
When Josh stopped the project I was in the process of starting to recompose new content with some of these ideas to start the implementation.
We also had a document in the work to help show the music engine as it was planned as a hybrid of procedural and linear music.

Hope these tracks can inspire, and if Josh ever gets to read this... I sincerely hope you're doing fine my friend... All love to you man!

-François Jolin

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