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Re: Dwarf Fortress?

F4wk35 wrote:I'd need an idea for a megaproject first (Aside from ginormous underground tree farms :V)

And after the Idea i'd need wood! Brb, building a stockpile... :squirrel:
Build a steel (yes steel) cage into the volcano, and figure a way of slowly lowering it down, layer by layer. (or draining the volcano for long enough to build it up layer by layer.

get it strong, and pointy, and make the dorfs live in it.

Free heating. :thumbup:
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Re: Dwarf Fortress?

It's been long enough since last I quoted Tarn, so here:
If your vision of dwarves is less about crafting in the mountains, and more about a lone dwarf descending from
the hills to attack a village with a pack of a dozen hounds, your vision is now a reality. That's how I tested it, anyway.
Five of the dogs were struck down, but the humans will now think twice about whatever it was they were thinking
about, that's for sure.
There are still a few issues (which I'm not going to handle for the first release). [..] if a baby is the lone survivor of a failed raid,
they will unerringly crawl back to your fortress all on their own. At least they are no longer active combatants.
Glad to see that the dwarf babes are still upholding their formidable reputation. :lol:
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Re: Dwarf Fortress?

Toady One wrote:I set a lone dwarf to travel over to a dragon cave to recover a cotton chausse. The treasure had belonged to the humans, a favorite piece of clothing and now holy relic of their first nature priest, but the dragon had taken it almost a century earlier. So, hey, why not bring it to the fortress? Maybe give it back to the humans to improve relations, or failing a visit from them, keep it in a little museum in a display case for the dwarves to admire. Uzol, my questing dwarf, managed to sneak by the dragon, but found no chausse. So he decided to go barhopping to the east to see if he could pick up any signs -- that's all I was testing, the barhopping code. I didn't expect him to actually find a rumor, but he did. Apparently, a mercenary had gotten to the dragon cave two seasons earlier, and brought the chausse back to the human temple, to its rightful place.

Uzol had orders, though, and he followed them to the letter. He broke into the temple and brought me back the relic... now I guess I have a save if I want to test being invaded by angry humans.
I love the little unexpected things that happen in DF. :D
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Re: Dwarf Fortress?

DF 0.44.01 is out!
Toady One wrote:This is the artifact release, featuring the ability to send your dwarves off to cause trouble in the world, improved kobold sites, cover identities, artifact questers, and a bit of artifact diplomacy.

In fort mode, the 'c' screen which used to list civilizations still does that as a suboption, but its main purpose now is to show the world map and allow you to interact with it. You can either raid a neighbor generally, or send off squads to recover specific artifacts or rescue particular people (in which case, the squads will still bring back other artifacts and prisoners, but focus on the goal.) A squad questing after an artifact will seek out information if the first site doesn't work out, and this might take several months, so be prepared. Squads can also be captured during raids, though typically someone will return to tell the tale. When squads return, a report will become available; a yellow 'R' will appear over on the left margin, and pressing 'r' will let you see it. Sometimes reports are quite lengthy as squads stumble from tavern to tavern; you can press enter to skip to the end of the path animation.

There are some rough edges here! Be sure not to send off your commander if you are planning to reorganize your military, as they are the only one with the power to assign new squads and cannot do so while off the map. There was a last-minute hiccup with artifacts known to be held by people (rather than stored on sites); these fort-mode missions will be fruitless for the moment; the most common instance here is books authored by people that then hang on to them, so don't try to steal their books! It says on the map screen when an artifact is held by somebody, so it should be easy to avoid. Raids do not bring back non-artifacts or build skills; these issues may or may not be addressed in the short-term depending on difficulties that arise.

The interactions with heroes and invading armies are more straightforward. There will either be 'P'etitions or a diplomacy popup to handle.

In adventure mode, you can assume a cover identity. You do this from the 'k' conversation menu (if you are already talking to somebody, it'll be hidden in "start new conversation".) If you choose to link your identity to a civilization, you'll be carrying that baggage with you, especially when you are being interrogated by goblin guards, so one should be prudent. To turn off the identity, go back to the "assume an identity" menu and choose the 'x' "no identity" option. You can also reuse existing identities from this menu.

People in adventure mode that are seeking an artifact will list "missing treasure" among their troubles, and you can then inquire further.

In order to name an object, use 'I' to interact with it, and it'll be one of the options for appropriate objects. For example, you can give a name to your spear or waterskin, but not to the water or food you start with.

There are also various adventure rough edges. For instance, if you pick up and then immediately replace a museum piece in adventure mode, and then tell somebody about it, you'll get credit as a Treasure Hunter. It'll be difficult to fix that without additional property information, etc. It's also generally hard right now to find artifact quests, as most things are in their proper place and/or not subject to an outside claim. We'll be working with this a bit as we generally work on stabilizing the release.

Overall, many of the changes occurred under the hood, in preparation for the myth and magic release, but now the magic release will be able to incorporate artifacts of all kinds without additional delay, so hopefully it was time well spent.

As usual, your old saves should work, but please back them up before diving into the new release! It is quite likely that forts will fall into technical ruin as bugs come up and are handled at this early stage. Old forts won't have object additions like the pedestals and display cases, but they should be able to send out raids from the 'c' screen.

We will be focusing on the worst bugs (crashes etc.) at first, and then we'll broaden out into other bugs, old and new, and minor suggestions/usability improvements, as well as a general smoothing out of the new features. We're still working on the design side of the first magic release, so we anticipate we'll be doing smaller releases for a while.

ADDENDUM: My Linux computer died during the release process, so the Linux version will have to be delayed until we figure that out.

New stuff
  • Ability to send out squads to raid sites, rescuing prisoners and recovering artifacts
  • Display cases and pedestals, museum zones, both in forts and other sites
  • Can view the world map w/ rumors from fort mode
  • Artifacts created during worldgen: dwarf moods, named heroic objects, holy relics, heirlooms
  • New artifact events in play and worldgen: questers seek artifacts and ask for or steal them, invaders demand artifacts
  • New historical events associated to the creation of artifacts (used in fort and worldgen)
  • Agents used by civilizations to gather information, can assume cover identities
  • Improved kobold site maps
  • Goblin site denizens demand an identity instead of immediately attacking every stranger
  • More modding control over pets and other animals
  • Adventurer can assume a cover identity at will
  • Adventurer can name their possessions
  • New adventurer reputations related to artifacts
  • New religious activity: monks, pilgrims and prophets
  • Museums and other room types can be added to fort locations like taverns and libraries
  • Various additional data in the XML export

Major bug fixes
  • Fixed weapon trap crash vs. item breakage
  • Fixed bug preventing monster slayers from visiting those forts with monsters to slay
  • Made animated skulls, hair and other bits easier to pulp
  • Made idle and vermin-hunting dwarves come down from trees more successfully
  • Made thirst/hunger and being pushed out of the way less likely to terminate dances

Other bug fixes/tweaks
  • Alphabetized broad stock screen categories
  • Fixed problem with historical bodies not respecting wounds/processing
  • Fixed bug causing religions to worship too many gods, with duplicates
  • Made simple burrow beasts start in caves as possible
  • Fixed broken historical collection linkage with beast attacks during festivals
  • Fixed one instance of broken animal person greetings
  • Stopped natural animals from w.g. rampaging through sites owned by entities at peace with wildlife
  • Took age into account for w.g. fights vs. body size (e.g. proper dragon size)
  • Stopped people from being enough to satisfy a need to see great beasts
  • Made visitors less nervous about going to neutral locations
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Re: Dwarf Fortress?

Toady One wrote:The changes to stress are in. There are three main elements (paired with several small fixes that came up along the way): all of the numbers have been rebalanced, the overbearing effect of alcohol has been diminished, and there's a new memory system that emphasizes the ongoing effects of important events over lots of small day-to-day pleasant/bad feelings.

The numbers might change, but the current system allows for eight short-term memories, which are the emotion+event combinations that have had the highest positive or negative impact on the dwarf over the last year (on a rolling basis). Every so often a dwarf can "remember/relive/dwell upon" the memory, if their personality leans toward the given emotion (positive or negative), and receive an additional stress change. Once a year passes, a short-term memory can be saved to one of eight long-term memory slots (if it is stronger than the current memories), or else it is forgotten. Long-term memories periodically return to affect the dwarf forever, until they are overwritten.

Later, we might group the long-term memories according to stage of life, keeping more of them but changing their impact values over the years and also use grappling with long-term memories as a way to provide permanent personality/value changes and new life goals and so forth. For now, the existence of long-term memories will suffice as a form of personality change/character arc on its own.

It'll take some player testing in longer, real forts to see if various parameters need to be adjusted, but initial testing showed differences from the previous behavior. Dropping a boulder on somebody and then leaving my dwarves unattended outside with nothing to do for a year resulted in tantrums, depression and oblivious wandering, so it seems to be working. When the first long-term memories were stored for one dwarf, it was horror at seeing their lover die, grief at their lover being dead, and fright at being haunted by their dead lover, with proper impact values not likely to be overwritten any time soon, certainly not by the old culprits of seeing nice furniture and completing jobs, though those still decrease stress a little bit day-to-day when experienced and are thus good to have in a dwarf's life. (I wasn't aware of their relationship status when the boulder fell; that's just how it turned out, sadly.)
He finally did it!!! :D We can have tantrum spirals again!
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