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Things That Made You Happy Today

I know we have a negative thread (RANDOM RAGE THREAD, I'm looking at you), but how about a positive one? We could use some more positivity around here. This thread is for things that made you happy today (whichever day "today" happens to be).

I for one am happy at the moment because I looked at the index page just now and there were no less than 17 registered users online. That's the most I've seen in a while. :)

Feel free to share, relate, congratulate or brag away at random. :)
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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Charley_Deallus wrote:I was told by a girl I am talking to that SHE is the lucky one that I talked to her. O_____o *mind blown*
well I can see what she means, with a fro like that anyone would be lucky! :P
I guess it is my turn, I spent a good amount of time with a really good friend practicing ACSL problems, it was fun, sometimes we got off topic, but most of the time it was me helping her with the problems, and helping people always makes me feel good :D


Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Flatfingers wrote:I optimized the slowest part of my code, replaced the initial dark background with true background replacement code, and built the basic tech to do animation in HTML5.

And Charley's day beats mine all to flinders. :)

Also, nicely done, Talvieno.
I dunno, coding is probably gonna pay off more in the long term. Unless this girl sticks around :lol: :lol: :lol:
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