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Re: Official Potential Eventual Limit Theory Party Thread

Hard to believe it's already been a year. Anybody still interested in doing one of these? I'm contemplating coming to GA to kidnap you, and you ask if I'm still interested in driving for a full day for a party. :lol: But why the US? :think: :ghost: Most likely because that's where Josh lives. :P Th...

Re: Doom (2016)

MrPerson wrote:I played through it on the "Medium" like difficulty, but I don't feel the replay value like I do with the original 2 DOOMs for some reason.
This is kinda how I feel. But I'm chalking the reason up to me being an old fogey who believes in the 'good ole days' of FPS.

Re: Nier Automata

They mean 3 Play-throughs to 'really' enjoy it.

But yeah, I have like 5 endings and I haven't beaten it yet.... mostly because I haven't had time, but same idea.

BMRX; you should start a new game just to die in the first overhead shooter part. :P

Nier Automata

How is there no thread for this game yet?! Alright, so I've never played any of the other Nier games. Apparently this one is a spinoff from a joke ending in one of the original games. From what I hear, the original was set in a fantasy land, but this one is almost dystopian future. Due to life issue...

Re: Routine

No save/reload, no sale. I don't think this means permadeath rather than: When you die you gotta tart the chapter all over again. Or no free save like in "Alien: Isolation". Or do you mean they implement permadeath? :o yes, and flat gets furious when he cant press F5 before a decision to be made. H...

Re: Overload

Is this in any way related to Descent Underground or the team currently working on that? It feels a little weird that the original Descent developer (Parallax Software) would've granted rights to use the Descent IP in more than one game currently under development. It definitely looks good, but some...

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