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Re: Comments on "Small Choices - an EVE-Chronicle-esque"

It's a bad situation for me all around, especially if I get points taken off for only being halfway done. My advise is, pick one or two chapters that can stand on their own, and submit those. Include a link to the full, ongoing story here. The submission is whatever you chose to submit, so personal...

Re: Code-Poison

Flatfingers wrote:Will it be possible to visually inspect the LTSL code using a nodal editor?
That probably wouldn't even be that hard to mod. :D

I'm not sure how you see a nodal editor though. Would it have to have links from a function to all functions that call it?

Re: Sensors, Scanners, Stealth and A.I. Perception

Scytale wrote: There were good points raised as to why the idea may not have worked or indeed why it wasn't really plausible in a science fiction context, but in this post-LTSL environment I thought it could be worth raising as, at the very least, a mod idea.
And such is the curse of LTSL. :D :clap:

Re: Code-Poison

Would this option be a solution: Each script runs in their own namespace, and is only allowed to hook into/copy LTSL functions. The LTSL engine registers this, and executes the script's function when an action for this script is needed. For instance: you create a script that changes how ships handle...

Re: The October 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread

At first only small outposts and bases on planets in the same system, but later on also discovering wormholes or warp and going beyond that. Like a civilisation game for but for space exploration streching from the very first steps and rockets until far far sci-fi of the current LT universe. I wond...

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