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Re: The VR Fad

I would think that you don't even need to check whether the eye is focusing on something 'near' or 'far'. You already know the position of where the eye is looking on the screen (as showcased in Tobii's videos), and from there, you can just treat it as a raycast to see where at in z-space the object...

Re: The VR Fad

I don't think Depth of field FX are all that difficult, I mean I had a Skyrim mod that did it fairly well. So coupling it mature eye tracking software shouldn't be all that hard. ps. Seems like unreal engine already has it as a feature.

Re: The VR Fad

My thoughts on VR are very similar to Damocles' and Flatfingers'. Some of you may remember my year and a half long journey on VR that started from simple Google Cardboard, led me through building my own VR headset, to culminating in commercial headsets only to have me return what I had and hang up m...

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

FormalMoss wrote:
Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:07 pm
So I bit the bullet and bought a Mavic Pro drone today on Amazon prime.
All in all, a good purchase, as I saved myself €1,000 if July 11th wasn't their discount day :)
So hopefully, I'll be able to show you the beautiful side of where I live :)
When you get it, you gotta show it! :D

Re: Pausing the game

Which is interesting, but also not relevant to games because games (and other apps) don't talk to the clock directly; they go through an API to use a function like setTimer() or setInterval() (such as in Talvieno's simulation) that fires an interrupt after X milliseconds. And a game can have lots o...

Re: Forum Games subforum?

That would solve a lot of issues with spam and keep people only posting there for fun, rather than "I'm going to raise my postcount". Well then, I think I'd rather not. You see, the majority of my posts are completely useless to the community in this way. :D ...Trust me, we've noticed. :roll: At th...

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