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Re: The End

Another way to look at it is the value that I have gotten out of the community. Sure, the money is gone, but I have reaped benefits in other ways. I consider it worth the shot. [Gets back to learning more about Godot...] It's a double edged sword for me. I am overall a pretty private person, and pr...

Re: Net Neutrality

(and before the argument with "but streaming providers use so much capacity!" comes up again: what are netflix & co paying their connection fees for? If not to pay for the infrastructure usage? And they are 10000000% surely not getting a deal thats below running costs for the ISP) i've recently lea...

Re: Neuralink

Zanteogo wrote:
Tue Sep 29, 2020 6:01 pm
I also fear how this tech could be abused as well. Think of a country like China...
its going to be developed anyway, better be the ones with the headstart rather than being stopped by moral "what if?"s

(same with genetic modification, its going to come, better be the ones with the headstart)

Final Upgrade - Factory building and Trading space game 2D top down ship and station building with mining, trade and some combat Design and (let) build your ships to first mine, refine and sell materias, upgrade to building all your stuff from scratch via refining and manufacturing to conquering the galaxy by destroying everyone...

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