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Re: I think Josh lied

My impression of the whole thing is it started as a passion project but was far too much for one man alone. This is the type of game that takes entire teams of devs years to make. Josh basically had no job other than LT for the duration of the project, and as can be seen by the daily dev logs and th...

Re: The End

1- does anyone know if Josh is doing well - I mean in terms of health and job placement? I don't need details that he does not want to disclose, I am at this point just worried about him, so it would be refreshing if someone could reach out just to check on him. 2- would it be possible to double-ch...

Re: The End

JFSOCC wrote:
Thu Nov 12, 2020 2:20 pm
glad the community is still alive but does anyone know what Josh is doing these days?
All I know is he's working somewhere in game development. We haven't really heard from him in a while and I'd be surprised if we do in the future.

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